Motherboard for a P4 with DDR

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by eltr, Nov 28, 2002.

  1. eltr


    Anyone knows a good motherboard for a P4 with DDR that supports PCI multimonitor?
  2. That's almost a generic question with most of today's hardware. There are many motherboards that can handle this setup and most of them ARE good. I guess the larger question for me is, what's the budget? :)
  3. Go have a look at the reviews of the latest (a.k.a. most $$) motherboard at
    look around and you'll find articles on older motherboard.

    You mentionned "...that supports PCI multimonitor..." , well, that really does not apply to motherboard since multi-monitor functions are supported by the operating system. Most of today motherboard have 3 to 6 PCI slots, so you should be ok.

    Hope this help

    Cheers!! :)