Motherboard and Graphics card for 6 monitor setup

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  1. Hi

    I am looking to setup a computer which is capable of supporting atleast four monitors with dvi ports now and is futuresafe to support additional two/four monitors in future with dvi ports.

    Can anyone please recommend a good intel motherboard and graphics card for this setup.

    I was considering an ASUS brand for motherboard and NVidia Geforce 8 series graphics cards with SLI capability.(with supporting resolution 2560 * 1600 for each dvi port)

    Are there any companies which build/assemble a computer according to our specifications on particular motherboard and graphics cards. I found some that can build such computers within $1200 but they are mainly gaming pcs assemblers and not sure how good they are.

    Appreciate your suggestions.

  2. what resolution do u need for the monitors?

    I would suggest this config

    Q6600 CPU
    4GB RAM
    2 x NVS440 Video card (8 DVI Ports total)
    2 x Seagate 500GB Raid 1 Hard Drive

    Any motherboard with 2 PCI-E slots will do, don't get gaming systems for trading, the hardware for gaming is built for speed not reliability and may hang, reboot, overheat without notice.
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    I think that's a really good tip right there. Thanks
  4. Thanks acerbits and AK100. How much does the NVS440 video card cost and what is a good place to buy it on deal(if possible).

    I was looking for a resolution of 2560 x 1600. Do the NV440 cards support that resolution.

    How is the 2x NVS440 option compared with the option of getting a SLI mother board that supports four PCI express cards and getting like two Nvidia 8 series or 7 series card each with two dvi ports (so that the more monitors I need in future the more Nvidia 8 series or 7 series graphics I add on SLI motherboard).

  5. NVS440 cards cost around 390 each i think on and Is there a particular reason that you wanted 2560x1600? there is one asus motherboard im aware of that supports 4 pcie video cards, each card can be linked to two monitors of 2560x1600 each. I don't understand why you would need 6-8 30" monitors, it would be so huge you'd need to spin around to see different screens, plus the pixel pitch would too tiny to see if placed far away.
  6. Thanks acerbit for the reply. I was planning on using 22 inch monitors. But wanted to have it support 2560x1600, just in case I use like a 30 inch in future (I don't think I would do that,just having it as an option).

    What is the ASUS motherboard you mentioned is capable of four pci-e video cards.

    The NVS 440 cards on newegg, found it but it had 2 dvi ports instead of four in a card. Is it supposed to have four dvi ports in each NVS 440 card or does one have to use a splitter to increase the dvi ports?

    From a efficiency perspective and reliability perspective, how is the option of using the geforce 8 series or 7 series cards each with two dvi ports, instead of NVS440?

  7. The nvs 440 has two connectors that allow a special splitter cable to run two monitors on each connector. I have an nvs 440 and run 4 @1920's the perfect card for traders, IMO! The splitter is included with the cards and you ca run DVI or VGA.
  8. Thanks mschey. Can you please specify which brand card you are using. Would appreciate if you can specify its direct link in like newegg or any other site.

    Also can you specify which motherboard you are using and system configuration (if you don't mind).

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    go to

    they have the best mylti monitor boards. The cards last for years and years and years.. you can also find many of them on e-bay or craigslist
  10. I have a dell precision 490 with dual quad core xeon. I bought the machine refurbed from dell with a 3 yr, in home, next day service plan as insurance. You can get some great deals on those machines if you shop around enough. Then I popped out the NVS 285 and put in the 440. The card is an Nvidia Quadro NVS 440 pci-x16. Make sure you get PCI X16, and not just PCI. I have used ati, matrox, and nvidia, and Nvidia is best of breed, IMO, though matrox is a close second. Just go to Nvidia's website, and shop from there, I purchased mine on Ebay, and saved about half.
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