mother, wife, champion stock picker

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  1. Wife, Mother, TradingMarkets Champion Stock Picker
    By David Penn |

    Short Term Trading Strategies That Work – New Release by Larry Connors
    How do you make your picks in the TradingMarkets Up or Down Stock Contest?

    When it comes to Rachel Mello, our TradingMarkets Up or Down Stock Contest champion stock picker for the month of November, charts and technical analysis were the way to go. And with her winning of $1,000 for her stock picking prowess in our contest in November, we think she may be on to something.

    "Being new to stock picking, I decided to rely solely on the charts and technical analysis as opposed to fundamental analysis," wrote Rachel in an e-mail. She opted for a technical approach to deciding which stocks would close higher or lower in the contest because of the "short time frame for the stock pick to come to fruition."

    "Fortunately," she adds, "this worked well in my favor for November."

    A wife and mother from North Carolina, Rachel learned about the TradingMarkets Up or Down Stock Contest from her brother, who trades stocks. She says that she had been thinking about trading stocks, and thought that the contest would be a "great venue" to put her short term stock picking skills to the test.

    A little over a month later and $1,000 richer, it's clear that she passed with flying colors.

    With two and a half weeks to go in the December contest, the race for first place is getting tighter. If you haven't registered to play the TradingMarkets Up or Down Stock Contest, then click here for your quick (and free) chance to win $1,000 and show the world just what kind of stock picker you are.

    Until then, congratulations to Rachel Mello: wife, mother and the winner of our monthly $1,000 prize as the TradingMarkets Up or Down Stock Contest champion stock picker for November.

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  3. clacy


    A one month track record is pretty meaningless. She could making cash or she could have blown out her account by now.
  4. Probably NoDoji, pretending to be some newb.
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    I love to read the trade journal of NoDoji. She always explain what she is thinking, and why she think that. She is smart.