MOTHER of all Psy Ops campaign to begin soon....just watch!!!

Discussion in 'Economics' started by AMT4SWA, Sep 29, 2008.

  1. You just wait and see how they will all come out screaming of 20% unemployement and a total banking failure (!), if the totally financially compromised american citizens do not "green light" the financial grid takeover scam!!!

    I LOV SIS KUNTRY!!!!! :D

  2. Oh hell yeah - they'll make Americans BEG for an even worse bailout plan. It was nice to see Americans avail themselves of the democratic process, but will they be able to withstand?
  3. Yes....they are going to try and pull off the end-a-round! :D
  4. Most Americans have nothing to loose. The have negative savings, they are upside down financially, hey just like Wall Street hahahahaha.
  5. You got it.....right where global wealth entities ALWAYS wanted them!

    CHECKMATE! :mad:
  6. WOW just listen to all the FEAR being pumped on CNBC and other news channels.....just as I thought (even jim cramer too....LOL!).
  7. one month until election, the repubs f*cked up big time. They just want to grab the last piece of candy off the table before getting kicked out of the room :D

  8. CNBC WILL NOT STOP TALKING ABOUT THE BAILOUT. They bitch at anyone who's against it, and they've been talking about it nonstop since I woke up. They haven't left it alone for 5 consecutive minutes.
  9. bit


    $700B buys a LOT of airtime.
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