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  1. How many of you find it less stressful to trade when you dont see a continuing stream of quotes/data (say using Mobile Trader IB or a web site), rather then sitting in front of a TWS, or other live streaming interface?
    I am asking because when I use a live streaming software like IB's TWS I am constantly nervous with all the fluctuation going on and find it a lot harder to place an order, or I panick and cancel the ones I have open. Meanwhile when I use an interface that does not allow me to quickly place and cancel orders, I am more calm and make more trades.
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    What difference should it make to you what may or may not make me nervous?

    You have to do what you have to do - period.

    Mother of all polls, my ass...
  3. mother of all poll my ass is right, i got hosed into checking out this thread too
  4. How do you know I am not conducting a statistical study?

    Besides, if you treat most of the forum threads on this site the way you see mine, then everyone should stop posting and elitetrader should close down.

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    :) LOL. You're not suggesting that ET is getting all polled out.... btw, what kind of water do you drink????

  6. surely you jest.

  7. from the scoffing about this poll. It may not be the "mother" of all polls, but the brother definitely has a valid question.

    Last year I posted about a gifted trader friend (who became a great mentor). When she went off the floor to screen trading, she found following the noise (via every flicker) of the markets made her breach her plan on occasion. She would call in at periodic intervals during the day, had the charts in her head, knew key levels and the like. It was a great lesson I learned early on... and still utilize successfully.

    Thus, I have no doubt that some of the biggest errors (I've) made throughout the years have been fostered by watching every bloody tick, and maybe reading something into large buys/sells, or some type of activity or volatile action when in fact my position was just fine. Of course talking here about swing and position trading. But having started futures recently, my goal is the same... to capture large moves. And it seems once again... that too much attention will cause you to imagine things you should not, and get out to soon.

    estrader.... imho, there is substance to what you said. But this is primarily a day trading website.. and it's hard to not watch during the day. That said I would love to candidly know how many bravado traders on ET who say things like "my ass" and put down others' good faith efforts, really fail to realize that they too might be seduced into over-trading (or do actually over-trade) by virtue of watching every damn tick flicker by; and/or just fail to wait for a high reward opportunity.

    Yep.. would love to know that.

  8. ice,

    only YOU can violate your trading strategy, plans. "flickers" on the screen can not. you are totally right -- whatever works best for the individual is the way to go. for example, my long term index system does not require one to watch the market at all, but my stock/index day TA system does require a "hands on " approach. everyone and every method is different. this is what makes the market so much fun !



  9. hi... snow melt yet (we hope)?

    The point of this thread/poll as I understood it, was whether noise via flickering screens/data/quotes every nanosecond... can or will adversely impact one's trading via stress; and the answer is yes... i m m h o.

    SO I respectfully dissent as to any comment that traders are always in complete control. Maybe in a perfect world (or perhaps after many years of experience). But there is no doubt for newer traders (and with respect to what I said earlier) that the pollster is mostly accurate.

    But my reply was merely to oppose an emotional reply like "my ass" by some who maybe don't understand the import of his question or perhaps, as you say... trade by different methods or strategies (or needs) whereby they find this poll off "their" radar screen; but that does not make it off the wall.

    Frankly, position trading... is... better served by less focus on the screen all day. And not so sure day trading cannot be similar although slightly more view intensive.