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Discussion in 'Trading' started by Mecro, Apr 21, 2004.

  1. Mecro



    I simply cannot believe that these are for real. Motorola makes it sound like their phones are the hottest selling items on the market.

    To be honest, I have not held a Motorola phone in over 2 years. I think I know one person that has one, everyone else has Samsung, LG or Nokia. When I was looking for a new phone, the Motorolas were the ugliest ones and barely even catch my attention.

    Who is buying these phones? I do not see them on the street or even that much in stores. In general, I have always thought that Motorola really dropped the ball early on with crappy & ugly phones and never recovered. This company went from being the top dog to a money losing piece of shit company. Now it is supposedely making this crazy comeback but how, where, and when? I think something is real fishy with these upbeat numbers.
  2. mrpace


    I see them all around. I have one as well....just bought it in fact (about a month ago)
  3. the next worldcom..... :p
  4. Mecro


    I completely agree with you. This company is a complete scam.

    Only a couple years ago, they could not even make money. Yet the I-Banks had Buy ratings on it, while Nokia which has been consistently profitable had either Neutral or Sell ratings. Now we know ratings are BS, but the fact that MOT could lose money year after year and still stay at the same price made me very suspicious. Meanwhile, Nokia had to outperform its expectations every quarter in order for its stock price not to take hits.

    Could it be that MOT is American and NOK is Finnish? Is this protectionism at work? Take a look at 3 year charts of these 2 companies. MOT outperforms NOK, yet MOT has been losing money while NOK was consistently profitable.

    I do not want to preach consipiracy theories but when a failing company comes out with out of the ordinary earnings & revenues and noone raises an eyebrow, something is up. The hottest phones on the market are Samsung (particularly the camera flip phone) NOT Motorola or Nokia. I don't know who MOT is selling all these new phones to cause it certainly is not me, my friends, anyone I know or anyone I see on the street.
  5. mrpace


    There is more to this world than you or your friends.
  6. Mecro


    Yes like reality and the reality is that the hottest selling phones are not Motorola and not even close. How many cell phone stores and services did you check out last month?
  7. mrpace


    Well then, if you feel this strongly, my only advice to you is to short as much as you can.....
  8. Mecro


    I'm looking to buy some puts in the future. I would not recommend shorting this company because there is some manipulation/protectionism. MOT should have been bankrupt a year ago, yet it kept receiving stock support and more debt.

    This reminds me of the few near bankrupt companies that destroyed all the shorts because of buyout and takeover rumors.