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  1. Great product. Backlog through 2018 and revs going to be up high double digits YOY.

    Should be trading well over $2 in a few months
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    what can I say? The efficient market hypothesis appears to have some real weight to it but a random elitetrader poster has a different idea. It's a tough decision who to trust.
  3. You're right, because everything in the world is accurately priced and efficient. Maybe Baron should just shut down the site and quote your post on the home page.
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  5. Grinding higher. Looking for 2.10 and 2.50 after earnings. Going to be profitable in the 2nd half of the year.
  6. 1.73 and climbing. earnings next week tuesday.
    Took some profit today, and holding the rest. I guess I have guys like you to thank
  7. MOSY pre earnings run starting like usual. End of 2019 this will be trading north of $6
  8. MOSY first profitable qtr! .04 cents. See ya at $3 in a few months
  9. 2.40 after hours
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