Most volitile time for EUR/USD

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  1. After doing a quick check the most volitile time for the EUR/USD is at 8am EST.

    50 to 100 pip moves from 8 - 9am EST seem to happen at that time more than any other time.
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    have you looked at GBP/USD as well?
  3. Well, don't forget the last two-hours before the market closes on Friday.

    There's been some tremendous last-minute position manipulating / profit-taking for the weekend.

  4. Most volatile Euro period = 8 to 9 ET:

    This is mainly due to data releases. The news embargo is most often lifted at 08:30 ET.

    The better data releases to trade (at the moment) are NFP, Retail Sales, CPI, Durable Goods, GDP and Chicago PMI.

    These give a fairly predictable 30 pip movement before retracement. NFP produces an average daily range of 140 pips but to capture a major part of this move means braving the fierce whipsaws and gaps that are often seen at data release time.

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  5. Another good time regardless of news is the Europe open. Since I live in Moscow, I catch it between 10 and 11 AM, which is 2 and 3 am EST. The EUR will usually move in the direction of the best technical call for the open, based on previous day closes and movements.
  6. I agree, I traded the Euro up to the figure this morning.