Most volatile stock/futures/forex/... instrument to daytrade?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by siki13, Nov 26, 2005.

  1. siki13


    You can suggest anything that you think has greatest day range or trends in one day but it has to follow some rules
    1. High liquidity
    2. Most of the time moves one tick in price (in other word i don't want some crazy 500$ stock that jumps around)
  2. GOOG

  4. I love trading the Russell 2000 future


    never had a problem getting in or out and it jumps all over the place.

    Tax advantages to trading futures too..
  5. NZD-USD
  6. EUR futures are plenty volatile enough for the depth of market offerred, spread is one tick for most of the day. If it don't move fast enough for you, just turn up your size :)

    You will likely be paying 5+ticks/round trip on the thinner currencies.
  7. omniscient

    omniscient Guest

    HSI, DAX, ER2 all offer consistent volatility and liquidity.

    you can play stuff like ZB, ZN, and so forth on big report days (i.e. FOMC) and get some pretty heavy movements as well.


    take care :)

  8. Arnie


    Let me guess. You just started trading, right?
  9. mikeyk


    Have a look at crude oil, heating oil, natural gas and carbon emissions
  10. siki13


    You guess wrong
    I have my reasons for asking this and i going to check every suggestion listed here
    #10     Nov 26, 2005