Most traders should avoid FX, options, futures

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  1. I actually did trade this style years ago. I did have some success. Turned my 3K I had in my ameritrade account to 9K in about 5 months. :cool: If I remember correctly I would try to have a 4:1 r/r ratio. Risk a couple hundred in hopes to make about 800 with my tiny account.
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  2. How do you set your profit targets? Is it based on how the stock behaves or TA point on the chart or fixed amount?
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  3. Very true that it is easy to time (short) huge, over-extended rallies in small caps.

    However, this ease come with a nasty price:

    1) There are fewer stocks like these since most now correlate with the SP500.

    2) At one point you will experience a liquidity crunch like Timmy Sykes fund did (it almost blew his fund up).

    3) Also, what if the stock gaps down due to a bad news announcement (law-suit, etc.) and it blows right past your stop. Just because it hasn't happened yet doesn't mean it won't in the future. And this is a risk you carry whenever you have small cap exposure. The Fx and futures market are almost 24/7 so you can always manage your position.

    I was talking about long term trading. If we are talking day-trading I absolutely agree with you.
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  4. detective, could you give us an example of a recent small cap trade? I am asking since most of the stocks I find correlate with the SP500. Very few are independent of it.

    I would like to also mention that fx and ES are markets for very well capitalized traders (100,000 USD at least).
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  5. This is actually a good thread and gets to the core of the issue. Although I am arguing against your position, I see the following:

    I think it will be important to invest in or trade asset classes that do not correlate with the general market and are independent of a large demographic trend (i.e. boomers).

    It could be that we are in for a 10-20 year period of choppy ranges on the SP500 and currencies in general. SP500 and other world indices could easily turn into Nikkei and since most CBs are adopting a ZIRP, there really isn't any strong pull in either direction in fx (i.e. carry trade).

    In short, there is a strong indication that the long term trends in fx and futures will not be returning any time soon.
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  6. Let me guess. You have never implemented let alone contemplated a disciplined system of trading?

    Good luck. You're going to need it.
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  7. Once you develop your technique the reverse becomes true.
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  8. Kovacs


    I trade the ES by monitoring bar closes on four timeframes. The 4-hour, 2-hour, 30-min and 5-min.

    For example, a key reversal on the 4-hour that closes above a major level may be concurrent with a double bottom on the 30-min which may be concurrent with several rejections of the low on the 5-min. That's a trade.

    I find the ES adheres to these types of patterns far more than stocks.
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  9. I disagree with the notion that currency futures are the most difficult to swing trade. Technical analysis is a huge tool for FX traders...from bank dealers down through retail traders. Learn the trade and you can do fine.
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    HA good luck with this argument. I've been stating this on ET for years.

    You guys who dream of making it in any other market than stocks, take a good long look at the P&L threads to see who is (and isn't) making money.
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