Most shareholder friendly stock?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by a529612, Mar 13, 2007.

  1. MO? Big oil?
  2. Boy it's funny Most shareholder Friendly Stock has no replies. Funny and sad. I'd say the days on had holding and personal letters from management that make you feel better about your money going down the toilet are a bit of yesteryear> pre reg FD. And Sarbane/Ox.

    Now mutual funds have taken over that roll. We can only judge the " friendliness " of a stock by how the price preforms and how management deploys cash back to shareholders by that account I would say for a straight ride from $42 to $60 Deckers outdoor looks pretty friendly. Stryker $47 to $60. Welcare Health $50 to $74. Fairfax Fin hldgs $102 to $204. Precisision Cast Parts $55 to $95. Constellation Energy $55 to $77. RTI Metals $45 to $79. All from July 06 till now! All shareholders of these companies feel very well taken care of.