Most reliable Pats feed brokers

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  1. Which one of the following offers the
    best Pats feed ?

    Man Financial.
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    From this list, MAN, hands down
  4. OpenEcry is no pats broker.:eek:

    MAN even reliable in fast markets ?
  5. Why pats? They are the dinosaur of feeds. I used Ninja with Zen Fire from Pro Active or Mirus Futures. Nobody beats it, nobody, not even X Trader from my experience. That said I am looking at TransAct possibly just for cost and integration into Sierra Charts, which I like.
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    As reliable as PATS can be. I personally don't recommend it. I think there is better feeds out there now. You can now run traditional PATS platforms like NINJA, TRADEBOLT, and STRATEGY RUNNER on the TT fixed adapter so no need for PATS.
  7. Strategy Runner on TT ?:eek:
  8. I've been trading on pats through Man for a long time. I don't remember the last time I had an issue in any market conditions. They were a little rough when they first installed pats, but that was like 6 years ago. For the last 2-3 years everything has been excellent!
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    Only can tell you my experience with RCG's Pats.

    Fast and very solid! No complaints.
  10. Not sure about the "best", but I will tell you the RCG feed is quite stable with very little lag. But the RCG platforms suck, imo. Additionally, RCG does not allow 3rd party to access it's PATS feed, so you're stuck using their sucky platforms, usually rebranded JTrader or Onyx.

    fwiw; OpenECry used to have a PATS feed. Even QT integration with it. You had to specifically request it. I Don't know if this is true anymore. I'll ask.
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