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  1. Mirkou


    Hello, I am currently looking for new ways to Transfer trades to my clearer. I have basically the choice between TT X_Trader and CQG. I am currently testing X_Trader pro API (I have to use the X_Trader Pro API and NOT the TTFIX API). I have the Setup running since a couple of days on a SIM test Server and I found that the "Guardian" Application has restarted and the Connection between my proprietary application and the Exchange was lost.

    TT Looks very innovativ to me but one of the main reasons I want to Change to X_Trader is that I Need a very reliable Setup and I go into chaos if the API does not work correct.

    I have allready spent to much time in my life on Projects which have not worked in the end and I like to aks the following question to the experience Traders:

    Question: From your POV what API is reliable, do you have good experience with the X_Trader Pro API or does CQG provides better Connection?
  2. x_diver


    First, if all you need is to send your fills to your clearer, why not use the TT FIX Drop Copy?

    Second, have a look at TT's latest API - TT API. It's much more scalable than the X_TRADER API. See I've been using it for a little while now and it is much faster.

    Third, connectivity loss can be caused by a number of reasons - network issues, the exchange closed (planned or not), software problems, etc. Your application should be able to handle this because it is not uncommon. TT API provides hooks to tell you when this happens - use them. But if it is happening too often, talk to the folks that provide you with your TT connectivity. Give them your logs and let them figure it out.