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  1. Over the years I've developed my most profitable strategy to date. Consistent profits and I'll share it. Basis support and resistance, keeping an eye on the timeframe exactly before the timeframe u trade. So essentially it works with all timeframes. I trade both daily and 15min so I have quick and longer lasting trades. But with S&R a 40sma must also be plotted on the chart. Chart reading is very important but as simple as it can get with this strategy. It basically jumps out at u. U see the enter point plain as day and also the exit which we know is the hardest. But not with this method. When u get the pinbob candle closing below the 40sma that's the signal from the trading God's! You'll know it when u see it. I then sell half at the exit point I mentioned leaving the rest sort of as a free money trade. With this free money trade just let it ride to the next time frame, say the 10 min and even the 5 min if you're trading the 15min like I do. But this time with the 10sma plotted also viewing the 40. Of course the price action determines when the let it ride and that's what we do. Same with the daily chart. Alot slower but more money to be made and less whipsaw. We won't pay mind to the whipsaw. If u want a MACD to help u can but I find it a little slow for this trade on the 15. Daily not so. Great determinate of price action. But back to support and resistance. That's the main thing that really determines the exit. Be aware of false breaks because pull back is the bread and butter of this method. If u have the chart up with this stuff right now with says the EUR/USD youll see it's like smack in your face. No whipsaw. Nothing. Barely consolidation. When there is u know it's breakout time on the larger timeframe. You'll see this at least once an hour. Giving us ample trade time. We don't need to trade each one but the opportunity is there. Lost opportunity is lost money but not everyone wants fast trades. Just profitable and that's what this method is about. I invite everyone to try it in the morning or whenever and let me if there's questions. No need to thank me, the markets are ripe for us all to make a great living and I and this strategy are living proof. So let's get it my friends. Happy Trading !!!!
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    I have been waiting all my life for a strategy to "basically jump out at u"! So I think I have it...I got the MACD, 10 and 40 SMAs on my 15m and Daily charts. Oh...and my S&R lines. Sweet! Let's make some money!!
  3. Are u being sarcastic? Did u backtest?
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    Can you provide some charts showing this strategy. I don't quite get it.
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  5. Sure. In the morning. Bed time
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    Sounds like a trend-following strategy. I love to follow one of these, but using the 20 and 50EMAs instead of the 10 and 40SMA's, so little real difference, except I only trade longer term. But if this is a similar approach I will still be interested to see how it plays out.
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    Fast trading can be very inefficient. Many trades are missed when trading intraday.
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    So you're basically giving away to complete strangers the alledged benefits of your own years of "sweat and tears", so that even people who just started out don't have to fo through of the pain from the process of learning? And all of this for nothing? WOW what a "great soul"!:D:rolleyes:
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    Reality, due to the nature of the human being...all those using the exact same strategy will apply it differently from each other even on the same trading instrument.

    Results, different trade results via the exact same trade strategy. That's the caveat lector.

    Very similar reasons to why many say their real money trading results is losing versus their simulator or backtesting results that were profitable.
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    There is no such thing as a free money trade. This is the trap that scalers fall into. ---I'm playing with house money--- No you're not. You're playing with your money. Scaling in or out is bad long term on ANY timeframe.
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