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  1. Between stocks, option, futures, forex, and bonds which market would you say is the most profitable?
  2. dollar wise or %?
  3. hitnrun


    equity & etf options huge leverage & best risk/reward
  4. probably $ for $
  5. GordonTheGekko

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    ES on full leverage is also very strong
  6. Forex hands down. 400:1 leverage is about the most you can get for a retail trader. Sanity of using all that is another matter.
  7. They are all limited by the capacity and your BP only.
  8. hitnrun


    The question is what instrument is the most profitable to trade ?

    NOT what offers the most leverage
  9. I'm mostly referring money wise or dollar wise since that's what you like to call it. I ask many other traders that i know in school and everyone agrees stocks are the way to go.
  10. my thoughts exactly!
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