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  1. Google is the No. 1 source of referral traffic to major news sites in the United States. The search giant provides approximately 30% of the traffic to these sites.

    So what's the No. 2 source? Facebook? Twitter? Nope, the NYT's David Carr points out. It's The Drudge Report. Matt Drudge provides 7% of the traffic to major US news sites. Facebook only provides 3.3%.

    This should give anyone crowing about the "social media revolution" a bit of a pause.

    The Drudge Report is now 14 years old. It's a single page with a list of hand-picked links and excellent headlines. And it gets 12-14 million unique visitors a month--most of whom immediately click through to somewhere else (and then come right back).
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    Yes indeed.....Matt Drudge "gets it" when it comes to stories other than the typical corporate media garbage!
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