Most popular stocks for daytrading

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  1. Guys,
    What are the most popular stocks for daytrading ( not scalping ) ? I would like to test some of my methods on unrelated stocks other then MSFT or Intel .
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    Do you trade MXIM and KLAC?
  4. I used to, but got hooked on futures and never looked back. With the tax advantages, and the ability to truly reduce risk through trading of completely uncorrelated markets I simply can't imagine why you'd want to trade stocks.

  5. Because almost no one really makes $ trading futures.
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    I do!

    :D :D :D
  7. Apart from commissions, futures is a zero sum game. Can't say that about the stock market.
  8. Actually, equities in the short term is also a zero sum game. Statistically there is little to no daily serial correlation in stocks, so if you are a true day trader, that's essentially a zero sum game when considered over enough periods.

    Longer term trading is another story. Does the fact that futures is a zero sum game make it more difficult to make money? Perhaps. All I know is I struggled for 3 years to trade stocks and never really understood what was going on. I had my epiphany with futures and now understand what is happening and why I do what I do. I am also profitable and unlike before when I would have occaisional wins, I'm supremely confident that the results will continue.
  9. I have been trading The $SOX for 3 yrs.
    Good for both scalping and holding longer intra day positions.
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    And fast moving small coms.

    IVAN,....(I can't remember what I used to trade,)

    basically, anything with news.

    I watch the ticker during 8-open and try to spot a fast mover.

    then I wait till 10-10:30 to get in.

    That way i get the direction down.

    I used to trade KLAC, MSFT, QLGC

    But I either caught a shift, or my technique changed...whatever works for you...stick with it for a while.

    Until you find something else.

    Good Luck.
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