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  1. trategy Runner we are constantly working on improving our trading platform

    In order to improve are charting package we would like to know what indicators would you like us to add to our trading platform.

    If you are not familiar with our current platform and indicators please try our trading platform for free, for 14 days (including live streaming quotes and Charts).

    Your suggestions are important to us and help get better.
  2. Please add price envelopes and/or moving average bands.
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    Only Strategy Runner Paper subscription is possible. Where can I get a full product?

    Regards, Benedict
  4. To obtain a live strategy Runner version, please contact any of our broker partners: - Partners sections
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    add market profile, and GOOD point and figure charts...for a start...
  6. the more indicators the better is there any limit or somthing stopping you from placing all the common indicators in strategy runner? I will have ass many as possible to shous from for example ADX more Moving averag band of different types for example volym based moving average and wheitgted and di+ and di- just to mention a few

  7. Is this thread only for the spelling and grammatically challenged?
  8. Yes.
  9. Please add Vwap in form of a moving average
    (not vertical histogram like in market profile) that is
    available in medved quote tracker for each day volume.

    I think it's best if you can creat similar indicator that
    works for intraday timeframs like 1 minute, 5 minutes,
    30 minutes,...also in form of MA

    Also Pics Volume analysis Tools if you can add, because
    they are charing $100 extra for them:
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    Please come live in Georgia for awhile and you will certainly appreciate the term "English as a second language"!
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