Most popular FX forums ?

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  1. What is the top 3 of the most popular FX forums ?
  2. anybody ?
  3. sminvest


  4. I've been to a bunch and the first 2 in that list are the only ones I visit (for forex).


    I've begun to visit trade2win and there appear to be some sensible folks there with good ideas. Thing is, they're mostly British so their trading day is wrapping up just where mine is starting (US).
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    In the early days, I too used to regard MoneyTec and SBFX highly, but my view of them quickly changed when I conducted due diligence on their sister organization, MoneyTec Account management (MTAM) with the view of putting some investment capital with them and discovered that MoneyTec Representatives were attempting to promote SBFX and MTAM in the past in a less than honest manner. (Using Multiple usernames pretending to be prospective client whilst failing to disclose their affiliation).

    I believe that the moderator (or at least one of them) for MoneyTec was also recently kicked from other forums (e.g Forex TSD) for engaging in such behaviour in trying to promote StrategyBuilderFX.

    Just my opinion.
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    There certainly seems to be a lack of Forex discussion on this board. Every once in a while, people will come out of the closet but it general it is disappointing to say the least. Hard to understand really.
  8. Recently these Forex forums are growing exponentially...judging by the number of new threads, views and posts and replies...I am basing this manually on my view of the site and my memory.

    ET is not only known for quantity... but quality...There is some real great stuff in here that is pertinent to your search and not all the "fluff' to decipher from some real Elite Pro's from both sides of the business.

    Michael B.

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