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  1. I am performing a research project on the most popular financial newsletters. My measuring stick for "popular" is a newsletters number of paid subscribers.

    I know popular does not necessarily mean good. A number of resources provide performance data (Hulbert, Timer Digest etc).

    Do you know of any resources that might help locate popular financial newsletters?

    Are there any newsletters generally known to have a high number of subscribers ? The newsletter can focus on stocks, futures, forex etc.

    Thanks in advance for any information.
  2. sumosam

    sumosam world renowed...many professionals use

    personally, best i have used....only one i could ever follow. has made me serious money:D :D
  3. I read "The StockTrad3r Report".

    He knows how stocks work.

    If I can only make 20% per year for the next 4 years, I'll be flat after following his "StockTrad3r index" from 2008.

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    Word dude.
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    I wonder how many subscribers there are in Motley Fool? I'm not sure, but I think they have several different subscriber services, such as one for value, one for uncovered gems, or something like that. They were all the rage when AOL and the internet were new, I wonder how they are doing now?
  6. gartman, bob chapman international forecaster

    Jim Willie!!!
  7. My daughter just bought her college text. The book advises to use motley fool (gives web address, & headline), there is a 1 page example of why the "tilsons" would be a fool not to use the motley fool.

    At $139 for the book on personal finance the first page should be about "text" book scams (yuk yuk).
  8. :D :D :D
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  10. AAA30


    I did before now I don't. I have not found any benefit in trading other peoples opinions however informed they may be. The majority of the letter industry is a scam Gartman included(I only read his letter twice btw).
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