Most people here are naive when it comes to politics.....

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  1. Let me tell you something, the body of influence that decides an election is the news media. Majority of voters are told who to vote for, by either a spouse, a community leader, but mainly by the media.

    The signal comes in under the radar.

    The media has already elected Obama as President.

    Obama's acceptance speech gave a clear signal to Reps that they needed to rethink their plans.

    McCain was well aware of this, so he was between a rock and a hard place. He had to make an out of the blue, wild card, what the f*** , hail mary pass, by choosing Palin as his running mate... in the best of hopes to shake things up.

    Palin brings NOTHING to the table. Except the fact that shes a woman..... which has huge risk of looking contrived.

    Palin's politics are to the right of McCain's..... which will be fodder for CNN and MSNBC

    I also hate to say it, but, she is too young and attractive to give people that warm, fuzzy feeling of security, in the case something was to happen to McCain. Unlike Biden.

    Elections are a chess match.....

    McCain already lost..... its just a few more months before it is official.

    I am Republican by the way
  2. lilduckling,

    sure the media has a lot of influence - that is why everyone are so obsessed about the celebrity politicians, and so little about the real issues.

    People do not discuss the issues - they discuss the candidates themselves. Reality TV and celebrity news/craze have dumbed down people, just like soaps did (and still does, especially in places like Brazil and South America). Most people don't know squat about either politics or philosophy, and complex modern society demands a much higher skill level and interaction from being a participant in society.

    IF the republicans lose, then Palin will be blamed by absolutely everyone, but I still think McCain will win.

    A way to ensure a skilled and involved interaction by the population is through making them more responsible for the political direction and choices. A direct democracy or representative direct democracy as a transition - ensures this.
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    Duck, glad to hear you are a Rep me too if you haven't figured that out.
    But i disagree with you.... She brings so much to the table.
    She has the woman vote locked.......managing politics and kids, woman will be eating that up and come running to the poles...and to have a woman in such high power is another reason.......look at Hillary(that piece of shit) had woman and she was going for Prez( I know she lost) but had the female support.and last time I checked they out # us.
    She wants to bring the energy down from Alaska and already approved the bill. which is a big economical win for everyone.
    Cleaned up corruption in her state and she is only 44!
    The sky is the limit for this woman.
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    Just curious, as I turned off the tube after the speech. What is the media talking about today? Is last night's historical speech by the first AA presidential nominee the talk, or the first republican female (and only second female) VP nominee?
  5. crackers, relax.
    if obama is good enough for the oracle of omaha, then he definitely is good enough for ya.

    ps, if ya wanna to end islamic terrorism, then end foxallegednews.
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    Please explain why Obama and McCain are deadlocked in the polls right now.

    Why did Obama pull out completely from Florida and Virginia in advertising?

    I can't guarantee you a win from McCain in November, but it's you that is naive if you think Obama has this one locked up.
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    If nothing means no debt to lobbyist, no record of flip-flops, no experience bullshitting the population to get re-elected, no desire to kiss the media's ass, etc..., I don't see a problem. On the other hand, if she were to become prez, I would certainly hope a solid, capable cabinet would be in place, just in case....
  8. What gets me, is that while I agree that the media wants BO, (In fact, just heard on CNN that the media "desperately" wants BO as Prez.) so why can't he pull away in the polls? he should be so far ahead that you shouldn't be able to see him. So far, the convention gave him only a 4% pop. That is pathetic by historical standards.

    i just don't see it. BO as prez.

  9. It is an insult to women, to think that they will vote for another woman, just for the sake of being a woman.

    This is the main hot button that McCain may have to answer to.... why did he really pick this woman?? The next few weeks will dictate how the media begins to dissect this nominee.

    Palin is a complete opposite from Hillary.... no way will she appeal to Hillary supporters.

    Media is already saying this was an act of desperation ...... it has begun.

    As far as what she brings to the table... it is nothing. What i mean by that is in the context of political chess it an advantage? NO it isnt.

    Had she been for woman's rights.... or have more liberal views on energy.... but she doesnt, in every single issue, she is to the right of McCain. Makes no sense to have picked her, she doesn't balance the ticket at all when it comes to policies .... only in age. But because she is so young.... even that is not really an asset to the ticket. Yeah, she's 44, but looks younger, and i would totally go down on her...... but she's not the image people look for when they think about if something happened to McCain.

    FOX news already showing her in all kinds of military photos... in BDUs ... holding M16s........I guess to show she can lead in military crisis .....................................hey remember the classic video of Dukakis riding around in the M1 Army tank??

    McCain is done.

    As far as polls...... you can get any polls to say what ever you want just by how you ask the questions.

    You guys dont remember, but I was right when I posted about how the elections would go for both the house and the senate...... and i know im right on this one.
  10. All the polls are saying roughly the same thing, so its not tweaking that is affecting the results. It is true that you can make them say what you want however, which is why I ignore the polling done by the parties themselves.

    As for the congressional elections, everyone knew that would happen. Going to be even more of a slaughter next time around.
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