Most of this rally was due

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  1. no - it's been slow and steady. this has been what we like to call an inflection ;)
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  2. Dow only up 1000pts in 3 months :)
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  3. :D
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  4. Oscillators don't work so well in strongly trending markets. Things like RSI are not a very good guide under present circumstances. No frickin' way am I shorting the equity markets until we actually get price action that's heading lower.
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  5. Re interest rates/the Fed - We're going to get NEGATIVE PPI and CPI numbers this week. Even if they're not as negative as expected, the psychological effect of negative PPI/CPI in this bull market is likely to strengthen bids.
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    How come the RSI seems to work when the markets are dropping like a rock and are completely OVERSOLD.

    No one will be able to time this market, once the drop starts, you will be late into the game.
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  7. I don't think it's true that RSI works better in strong downtrends than it does in strong uptrends.

    Sharp market breaks where the market goes down 5% - 10% or more are what, 3 - 4 sigma events? Why bet, in the middle of a bull trend, on something that unlikely? If the market starts to head lower I'll pick up some shorts but I want to see price action lower, not overbought indicators.

    I'd rather be late into the game than short while the market goes straight up.
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    "Why bet, in the middle of a bull trend"

    IT wasnt a bulltrend until we broke out to new highs.
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  9. Every day so easy. Buy 200 es when down 25 cents. Sell on close. Stop at Ferrari dealership on way home.
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  10. For sure the inflation numbers will be so market friendly everyone will start kissing each other, this is such a rosy economy, again just i time for the elections. To bad the polls dont favor the crooked Republicans. All this for nothing, I hope the Dem sweep both houses. Then the market will crash and I can find some decent buys.
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