"Most Men Die By The Age Of 25...

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    it just takes them 50 years to bury them." Does anyone know the author of this quote?
  2. Ben Franklin, it took literally 8 secs on google to figure that out.
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    You're full of it. I tried it and it didn't come up. Are you one of the walking dead?
  4. Then how come I found it almost immediately? You think I have tons of quotes in my head just waiting to pounce on someone like you just to make you feel stupid?

    LEARN to use google, be creative. Sheesh!

    PS. Try this "most men die at age 25"

  5. I think this quote would apply to women rather than men.
  6. LOL.

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    So what do you think he meant by that? The way I interpret it is most men lose their dreams and ambitions by age 25 and become shells. On the outside they might appear fulfilled but on the inside they have no purpose or direction and thus become one of the walking dead.

    Clubber Lang might fit into this category.
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    This is a typical verse from pencil dicked guys that never got laid when in school because after they whipped out their 3 inch monster the girl laughed and went home.


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    I think this quote would apply to women rather than men.
  9. Women are pushng a stroller @25. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. there are exceptions but Benne was making a generalization.
  10. I think thats probably a good interpretation.

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