Most liquid stock indices futures in Asian market

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  1. januelleb


    Advice please. I need to know which are the top 5 (most liquid) stock indices futures in Asia.

    I made a research. Some traders say these are the top 3.

    1. Nikkei
    2. Hang Seng
    3. Kospi

    Thank you in advance.
  2. RedDuke


    Nikkei is liquid but does not move much.

    HSI is very thin and wide spread, but has huge moves (fills even on 1 contract get you in with slippage)

    KOSPI is very liquid, high tick value and moves well.

    I trade KOSPI.
  3. januelleb



    Thank you for sharing.

    I am open for more suggestions.
  4. januelleb


    Does this mean that these are the top 3 most liquid? I need at least 5. Please advise. Thank you!
  5. RedDuke


    Taiwan Index and SPI 200 (Australia)
  6. HanSeng is very volatile and moves a lot.. Not for fainthearted.

    Nikkei moves very slow.

    Taiwan futures and Kospi moves nicely.
  7. Check the link below:

    #1 Nikkei 225 minis on the Osaka Stock Exchange
    #2 Kospi 200s on the Korean Exchange

    No other futures on Asian indices rank among the top 50 most liquid contracts in the world. Now if you also consider index options, then Kospi 200 options are far and away the world's most liquid. Taiwan listed options are also reasonably liquid, but good luck getting access.
  8. bukkan


    there is the Nifty futures too (NSE, India).

    ranks 19 in the list which sell'em has provided.
  9. It seems not so easy to find kospi free demo without opening a new account to see how it goes.

    Anyone know such firm offer this?
  10. RedDuke


    Not that I know. Just wire 10K to IB to open account, then you can withdraw most of it. Do not remember exactly what the the min is, so that you do not get charged some additional fees. Call them up.
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