Most Liquid Options Markets in the World

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  1. What are the most liquid options markets in the world? Specifically, the markets that have good liquidity across a number of strikes, along the lines of the S&P's and crude oil.
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    Korean Kospi options do a million per strike on some days. Symbol is k200 on IB.
  3. Thanks for info about kospi. Any idea what is the multiplier per point in korean won. £1 is roughly equal to 1700 won? Market is open from 1 a.m. to 7 a.m. UK time Time diff +9 GMT
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    click on sitemap then kospi 200 options for contract spec. There are a couple of threads on et about kospi, use the search function. Opening times are a killer for traders in the UK. I only trade it when I have insomnia!
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  6. I appreciate the responses. A cursory look has piqued my interest in the Kospi 200 options, but I will have to do more research. Does anyone else have suggestions for high volume options markets that have good liquidity across a number of strikes?
  7. I like ESTX50
  8. Thanks. I'll check it out.
  9. I've downloaded BOX's equity list and use it as a starting point. Today alone, BOX has saved me tons of money (In two cases, I put a limit buy at the ask and got filled at the bid).

    Still, that doesn't really answer your question. Tight bid/ask spreads are all too hard to find. :-(
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