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  1. I was just wondering what are the most liquid futures markets (top2/3) in each part of the world? This information seems hard to get by.


    S&P500 emini ES, avg volume 2 million
    eurodollar E6, avg volume 1 million


    Eurostoxx 50, avg volume 1.5 million
    DAX avg volume 1 million


    KOSPI 200 avg volume???

    South America?

    Middle East?

    Australia and Oceans?

    Who can finish my list? Basically if you think of a continent, whats the first most popular futures market that comes to mind?
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    Dolfut (Dolar agaisnt Real Future Contract): US$ 15 bi/day
    Indfut (Ibovespa Future Contract): US$ 4 bi/day
  3. How can one trade that contract as a US citizen?

    Do you need to be a resident or have an agent locally?

    el frango
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    You dont need to be a resident, just open an account with a local broker.