Most Like Consequence of Mid-East Uprising: anti-west regimes

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  1. 2 mil Egyptians chanting " free palestine," that is why White House is mute on Lybia and may help Saudi to crack down in Baharin.

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  2. Yes, and Europe has become nothing but a bunch of old fag hags, who get older by each passing day. And their old fucked asses will soon be taken over by these countries.

    Burn Europe, Burn Bitch, Burn Baby Burn.
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    Wanting a 'free Palestine' is not the same as being anti West.

    Maybe you could translate for us. When was the video produced?
  4. It is. The West is a bunch of disgusting countries made up of mainly old fag hags, who benefit from others misery, they profit from destroying countries weaker than theirs. These western countries gang up and fuck the living shit out of one country, and make sure it can't get back up before they move on to another one. They are the ones who have constantly introduced misery into the lives of the Palestinians and the lives of the people of poor countries.

    To say you want a free Palestine, means you want to end the tyranny of the west.
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    Many in the West also want a Free Palestine.

    Do you agree with everything Moubarak and Gaddafi says, or does, like machine gunning your own people? So why do you assume people living in the West agree with their elected leaders. We only get one vote each.

  6. My ass, their will means nothing, cause they can't do shit about it anyways. They have no power. They just talk, like you and me.

    Yes I agree, I think he should kill every fucking protester. Protesters are worthless morons who don't know what they want, they will go from dictatorship to democracy, so what, same shit. Even you know democracy means crap (quoted below). Governments regardless of their form, shape or size are the reason for most of mankind's suffering. Once humans realize they don't need governments, that's when all this crap ends. But they won't ever reach that point. Cause most of them will die fighting for their pathetic governments or in a pathetic effort to change their governments.

    I never said such bullshit, cause I don't give a fuck about the voters, it's the old fag hags in power who are running the show.
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    This doesn't merit a response. There are a lot sick f***s around. We all say things we regret, maybe you will one day.
  8. You are so ignorant it is a crime.
    I would put you on ignore, but then others wouldn't have the opportunity to find out just how full of shit you are when I respond.
    Fakestine does not exist. There has never been a place called by that name. Even in ancient times, Israel was called, Israel, or Land of the Hebrews.
    90% of the Fakestinians are Jordanians who were expelled from Jordan during the Black September rising.
    The Arab presence in Israel has ALWAYS been a minority, as long as censuses have been taken. do a search on the Internet and you will be able to find the actual numbers.
    Get the facts straight before speak.
    Apart from that, the Arab population had an opportunity to have half the country after the UN partition agreement, but wanted everything and launched a way against the Jews who did accept the agreement. Fortunately they lost (as usual) and ended up with what every Arab extremist deserves. Squat.
    And for the record, the ones who have introduced problems into the lives of the Arabs are the Arabs themselves. just take a look at how every Arab country is governed and it will be obvious.

  10. Free Palestine -> destroy Israel -> U.S. support Israel to exit -> ?

    Video was uploaded yesterday, I assume it was taken after Mubarak gone.
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