Most $$$$ is made by selling puts and calls!!!

Discussion in 'Options' started by bastiat8, May 21, 2007.

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    Hey bastard8, at least I don't spam the forum with ebay ads. I actually respected Joe Ross, just wasn't aware he mentored retards or high school dropouts. (my apologies if you really are mentally challenged)

    As expected you will probably resort to childish insults again because you lack the ability to respond with intelligence and of course you will be ignored
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  2. What is it with you man??? You just can't let it go, can you?!?!?! AS I SAID BEFORE STOP WASTING OUR TIME!!! The moron does not even have a clue about the role of a middle man in the economy, that's Econ 101! ;) Everything you say is full of contradictions, YOU MAKE NO SENCE WHATSOEVER! Rocko the retard: "I respect Joe Ross", and yet the person who is brining his products to the market for a much lower price than can be found anywhere is a scum bag????
    You got to choose which one is it? Consistency, consistency!!! How else are you going to have any hope to make a dime in the markets??? ANYWAYS, YOU HAVE WASTED ENOUGH OF MY AND OTHER PEOPLES PRECIOUS TIME IN THIS FORUM, SO FROM NOW ON YOU ARE ON MY IGNORE LIST. I thought I could get some entertainment value out of a retard, but it has now gotten to a point that you are just ANNOYING!!!...

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  3. Wow... sell puts AND calls? Profit from a sideways market? No way, really? So, it's more conservative when combining futures and options? Sweet, tell us more!
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  4. It should be common knowledge that most of the options, like 70-80% expire worthless, so most of the money is made by premium accumulation. When you are a buyer you are basically gambling as you have a very small probability to strike it big but most likely will end up out of the money with nothing. Whereas when you sell options you have a high probability to make a small amount. In other words, you are not making a killing but are consistently like 70% of the time, make small profits. Of course, I am not advocating pure naked writing, and that’s what you can learn in the course, i.e., how to combine your options trades with futures or other options, so as to defend and manage your positions…

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  5. This is what I've been waiting for... why aren't more people selling options?! Seems pretty foolproof to me.
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  6. This time is different. When the market only goes up why not sell every put and buy all calls. Berne will help you out if your in trouble. How will this end?

    Your rich
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  8. Even if they do no expire completely worthless, what you get for selling it back is less than the premium you paid for it! In the end it's still an unprofitable trade any way you look at it!... BTW, I said 70-80%, your link says it's 90%, so yeah maybe 90 is a bit too high, but honestly answer: do you think more than 30% of long options trades are profitable in the end???


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  9. 1) you have to have big pockets for naked writing

    2) if you are selling naked, there is an almost an unlimited potential for a loss.

    3) most people are simply never educated on how to do it.

    4) the public is mostly made up of gamblers, who want something for nothing, so they are a lot more comfortable with buying unrealistic hope.

    QUOTE]Quote from atticus:

    This is what I've been waiting for... why aren't more people selling options?! Seems pretty foolproof to me. [/QUOTE]
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  10. [/QUOTE]

    damn , you good
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