Most $$$$ is made by selling puts and calls!!!

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  1. Traders I am listing a sick book on Ebay, "Trading Optures and Futions" Ross This is actually a course, that teaches you about how to not only profitably sell options and manage your options trades, but also how to combine futures with options, to further reduce risk and increase your winning precentage and make $$$ with a lot more flexibility! This is my favorite of his books, as it teaches you how to make $$$ in NONtrending markets! Sorry if I come across who is just trying to sell something. The truth is that you can't find this book below $190! So I see myself as the middleman minimizing the information cost or search costs! In other words, I honestly believe that I am doing a good thing, cause the book is great!!! :) Good Luck and fun trading! Oh yeah here is the link to the auction:
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    I hope your sick book gets better.
  3. Is there a chapter on naked put selling during market crashes such as 1987 or even the recent late Feb/early march plunge?

    Don't forget to give your book lots of fluids -- they always help when you're sick....
  4. ha ha, fluids :) :) if I give it some, it may not be in "like-new" condition anymore....

    As far as I remember there is no chapter on 87 crash, but keep in mind that this dude, Joe, is super risk averse, so most of the strategies involve combining futures and options. "SICK" ha ha, when I was read it I honestly thougt that this dude is insane, I mean it gave a completely new way to look and approach markets. But I will admit, at that point I had no experience with options. Anywho, gotsta run...

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  5. There is no put selling strategy that would survive a 1987 crash, assuming you opened your position before the crash. Your account would be cleaned out in a matter of days if not hours.
  6. Not true. Goto

    Lookup the Ansbacher Investment-Option Writing Program. Max DD is 27%. They returned ~20% annualized over the years and survived 1987/2001/2002. I think Ansbacher started in the 70s and much of his naked call/put selling approach is unchanged.
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    The name of the book is

    How much are you selling it for and what have you been smoking?
  8. Ahhhh, is this some kind of sign of an imminent market reversal?
  9. Let me get my crystal ball out ;)))....
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