Most interesting topic, no matter what u say. U.S. to authorize MURDER of JOURNALIST?

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  1. Obviously, Obama would have to approve of the murder of this journalist in possession of top secret State Department cables.

    But it would be done in such a way as to provide him with plausible deniability.
  2. Couldn't he merely claim "he was clueless"? We'd have no trouble accepting that.
  3. This is getting exciting, and it's happening in our world right now.

    Many press reports state the Pentagon is hunting this journalist. Trying to get him before he can publish top secret U.S. gov't docs on the internet.

    But the current administration is violating every rule of civilized nations. These journalists are in INTERPOL nations where you can be criminally liable for even investigating journalists (who carry the "right of anonymity".

    See link below.
  4. Keep checking the website "Wikileaks" to see if this guy can get the secret U.S. docs on the internet before he's found by the U.S. government.

    The guy who leaked "The Pentagon Papers" (and had, for a time, a "hit" placed on him by the Nixon Administration), says Julian Assange's life is now in danger. No one can locate him.

    The U.S. has threatened "extreme sanctions" in cases such as this.

    That seems a little harsh because one of the U.S. military's own personnel placed the docs in the press pipeline. Wikileaks didn't steal these docs.

    Say a prayer that this dude lives through the weekend.
  5. Now we know why the U.S. may have wanted to murder a journalist.

    Below is the "largest intelligence leak in history" - courtesy of the guy the U.S. was trying to kill!

    "Courage is contagious" - now we need someone to come forward with Goldman Sachs docs!!
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  7. What's the difference? didn't the chinese also jail some of the Rio Tinto guys for leaking state secrets about their oil reserves or something?

    Oh i forgot, the chinese intelligence service dosent assasinate foreign journalists..LOL:D
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