Most Influential Humans Ever

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  1. 1. Barrack H. Obama
    2. Mohandas K. Gandhi
    3. Adolf Hitler
    4. Emperor Constantine
    5. J. Robert Oppenheimer

    There can be only five.

    Any argument from this list?

    Based on impact of decisions/accomplishments on the human race, globally.
  2. Hmnnnn. I would call a tie for first place.

    Obama & Santa Clause
  3. If you can identify Santa's grave site, then he will be the new number one, and Gandhi will fall off the list.
  4. From this list, I hope it is clear that it is not related partisanship. It is a list of humans that your Great-great grandchildren will know the names of.
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    I can think of a few religious characters that have been a little more influential than those on your list.....
  6. President Obama, for better or worse has already secured his name in every history book in this country from now on. He still has three years left on his first term.

    Think about that.

    I will not insult the intelligence of the members of this site by explaining the other four.
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    As if to make my point:
  8. The humans must be historical figures.

    Their bones must be able to be exhumed on demand.

    This excludes almost all religious figures.
  9. Issac Newton and Confucius notwithstanding, the rest cannot be proven to have existed.

    I would also go so far as to say, Confucius and Newton did not impact your kitchen table. Popular Culture does not reflect the existence of those men.

    The others on the list do.
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    The first human to walk upright.
    The first human to harness fire.
    The first human to craft and use a tool.
    The first human to achieve consciousness, probably the most monumental event in human history.
    The first human to realize that uttering sounds could be used to carry information.

    The rest pale in comparison to these.
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