Most Independents Disapprove Of Obama's Performance.

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    57% of Independents don't approve of Obama's job performance, up from 44% in in December. 29% of Independents approve, down from 41%.
    Only 44% of all voters approve of Obama's job performance, down from 46% in December.
    Osama Obama is losing the country fast. No wonder he's trying to now hold a televised summit on health care with Democrats & Republicans, when this should have been the process a long time ago. He'd better unlock the White House basement door so Reid, Pelosi, and the other Democrat stooges can attend this summit.
  2. news flash? i think most liberals are disappointed with his performance. he got steamrolled by the republicans. he underestimated the willingness of republicans take the whole country down if it helped them get back in power.
  3. Republicans have saved Obama from taking the whole country down.

    Remember America is stronger if Obama fails.
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    Liberal, Independents, and everyone in between have come to their senses and now understand that Obama/Congress are hell bent on destroying America. I'm happily counting the days until Nov. 2nd.! :D

  5. How do you figure that ??

    The democrats held [still do] one of the widest legislative majorities in history...........In my opinion it is more of a reflection on the fact that american "progressives/socialists" are very good at throwing rocks at conservative presidents, and not worth a bag of pennies when the buck stops with them.
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  7. +1
  8. 86 % of all Americans didn't approve of Reagen after he sold Weapons to the Iranians for Central American Hostages. And this was AFTER he presided over the HEZBOLLAH attacks on 23 October 1983.