Most important website for all traders

Discussion in 'Politics' started by They, Oct 31, 2002.

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  2. nice site for stock traders. I wish someone would come up with a site like that for e mini traders.
  3. yes, yes I am
  4. I have to port that site into IB so that anytime I trade on days like today it will come up automatically as soon as I get filled :D
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    you are correct regarding this site being for e MINI traders

    unless they are trading 5, 10, 15 etc... e-minis (1, 2, 3 bigs):D
  6. I fell for that one and happend to have my PC speakers cranked...only its 11:30 at night and I just woke my wife up and the baby is stirring now. Thanks you are the F^%$n idiot.
  7. The site is especially designed for people with sleeping babies who use their PC at night with the speakers cranked.
  8. LOOOL that to much