Most Important Lesson Of The Year.

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    Another year wrapping up. I was wondering what you guys think was the most important lesson or observation you discovered this year.

    I will go first.

    Two things.

    1. more emphasis on the larger time frames; lower costs, larger gains, easliy add size. A stunning observation was in Nov., using a larger time frame, i made the same net points in 6 trades as i would of in 18-20, shorter time frame trades. Why make this any harder than it needs to be,.(note i see the same results as i did in Nov, in 5 years of backtesting.)

    2. Stick to key several systems. A funny thing i also noticed, is many systems/methodolgies work. The "secret" is to trade it from 1/1/2010 to 12/30/2010, unless stats or results change.

    In summary, stick to what works and the larger the time frame the more it works. at least for me.

    Your thoughts and your findings

    EF :cool:
  2. Don't fight the FED - no matter what you think it's going up

    Edit: nice timing, Pupu :D
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    Most important lesson, two years running:


    Picaso beat me to it by 1 min. must have direct access...
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    Picaso are the sheep led off the cliff at the end like the FEd will do to us eventually.


    EF :D
  5. Have patience to wait for trades in direction of daily or weekly trend. The guys trading from daily and weekly time frame have the money to move the markets.
  6. Hold your horses!!!

    Why do you reveal the most important lesson for 2011?
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    Thats affirmative ghost rider... Yes, you nailed it on the head. A big winner, needs the big money to be behind it and push it for days or weeks etc.

    i agree.
  8. It depends on what gives first... :D
  9. Eddiefl


    I got a feeling when this sells off in early 2011,, it will be like 100 elephants heading out the same door.

    Back to my original posts,those are the moves i want to catch.

    IF you back up from a 60min or daily charts, you can clearly see 5-6 moves per year, that are the sweet money.

    Thats what i am huting for, Big Game hunting.

  10. candles


    Im with these two guys!
    Easiest money yet once I stopped fighting the FED and JOINING them!!
    love it.
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