Most Important Chart Aspect?

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  1. Quite simply, what do you consider as the most important aspect of a chart and why?
  2. ocean5


    Volume-leads the price.
  3. AK100


    The shape.

    And what I've learned over the years is what happens right now on the chart can be the start of a trade setup but the actual entry might be many days away. But it depends on the timeframe.

    Let's say you're looking at the 60m. What happens on Monday at 9am might lead to a trade on Thursday.

  4. What do you mean?

  5. Does volume create the different shapes?
  6. ocean5


    That's right.Same is for the profit taking.
  7. Redneck


    Hey Dax


    The footprint left by price


    Helps me visually see where.., and where not – price wanted to go… how adamant is was about getting there…. and where the sticking levels were/ are

    Then helps in me figure out where price may decide to go next

    Also shows me where low risk attempts to find out - are

  8. ocean5


    Volume Sunshine after the Rain and joy after the pain,it`s easy to comprehend - simple and plain.
  9. Presence of a strong trend is first.
  10. BSAM


    A few horizontal lines/the time of day/what happened yesterday.
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