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  1. I'm looking for reading ideas. Please name 3 books you find most helpful to your trading. and your trading style.

    I mostly day trading es, cl, spy, spy options. The 3 most helpful books to me are:
    1. Trading in the zone
    2. High Probability Trading by Marcel Link
    3. Pivots, Patterns, and Intraday Swing Trades by William Scheier
  2. Craig66


    Trading and Exchanges - Harris
    Option Trading - Sinclair

    Sorry, I can't think of 3, I've read nearly everything and it's 99% crap.
    Style: Automated day trading.
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  3. good idea
    good luck to you !!!
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  4. imjohn


    Relate to this.

    Many books gave me "euphoric" feelings, as I thought what I was reading was the final solution to my poor trading results.

    The psychology books (Douglas) also gave me feelings of unearned confidence.

    In-depth "reading" at least a year's worth of charts in my TFs, looking for very specific, recurring signals, took a long ass time (much longer than reading a book), but translated well to actual trading.

    In lieu of 3 books, suggest a year's worth of charts, in 3 time frames.
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  5. This one? I bought it but didn't read one page, it has lots of math formulas that I don't understand, if I remember correctly. :(

  6. cvds16


    Your own journal will teach you the most. Forget all the crap in books ! This is a journey on your own in discovering how the financial markets work.
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  7. cvds16


    Options is a bout math, arbed the hell out of them in the early 2000's ... never lost over 50 USD a day. I made on averaga 1000 USD a day ...
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  8. I read both of his books, I didn't find it helpful until I finish the last 50 pages of "trading in the zone".
  9. pipeguy


    What about technical analysis from R. Murphy. I think it's the must-read book for any newbie who is interested in technical analysis and its application.
  10. cvds16


    It's an interesting read but it all depends what you want to do with it ... if you want to daytrade forget about it ...
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