"Most Hated by The Leftists?"... Glenn Beck, of course

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  1. Why is that?

    Because he lies about them? Or maybe it's because he's the most persistent about shining light upon their evil... They hate him because he tells the truth! Truth of which they wish the American citizenry would remain oblivious.

    Liars, cheaters, and thieves ALWAYS HATE BEING CALLED OUT!! (It queers their action, you know.)
  2. you must be saying this with tongue in cheek? "persistent about shining light upon their evil".LOL your not that fcking dumb are you? :D

    ps i actually took some of your hardware advice i hope i don't regret it :eek:
  3. Yes.
  4. lol :p
  5. Well said.
  6. Since I dvr becks show daily, I'd say S is quite accurate.

    Sometimes freedom of speech sucks doesn't it libs?
  7. John 3:20

    Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that his deeds will be exposed.
  8. Can't quote killthesunshine directly.. had him on ignore for a long time...

    I'm not dumb at all. And if he cares about his own or his kids' future in America, he'd better wake up and pay attention.
  9. Hello


    The guy first told us he worked at McDonalds, and now says that he doesnt work for a living at all, im pretty sure he is just buttering his bread voting for Obama he knows full well who is going to hand his useless ass more money, and he obviously doesnt give a shit if the economy is in the tank, as long as he can keep collecting his welfare and living in his parents basement.
  10. He might wise up after 20% of his gross income is taken from him just to support the generational wealth transfer system.

    Of course that still leaves all other govt services, pensions, debt repayment with interest, union pension guarantees, propping up freddie /fannie housing market, fellow citizens and illegal aliens on the dole, health care for everyone , national defense, cap n tax sin tax on energy etc etc.

    I feel pretty smug knowing he's going to get everything he deserves coming to him .
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