Most handguns in Canadian gun crimes trace back to U.S.: report

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    OTTAWA, July 29 (Xinhua) -- The United States provides at least two-thirds of handguns recovered from crime scenes in Canada, according to an international study released Wednesday.

    Researchers from Canada, the United States and Switzerland contributed to the study, which was published in the Criminology and Criminal Justice journal on Wednesday,

    Loose firearms laws in the United States feed an illegal weapons trade connected to shooting deaths in Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and other parts of the world, according to one of the authors, professor at Toronto's Ryerson University and prominent gun control activist Wendy Cukier.

    "It is not possible to determine with certainty the percentage of guns used in crime in Canada or Mexico that have been illegally exported from the United States, but there is some relevant evidence available that indicates the proportion is high," the study reads.

    "There are very few cases that show handguns used in crime coming from anywhere other than the USA."

    The study's findings support what Canadian authorities have been saying for years.

    A gun tracing program in Ontario province found that 69 percent of 705 guns used in 2007 in crimes in that province could be traced to the United States. About 90 percent of those guns were either restricted or prohibited in Canada.

    Cukier urged the Canadian government to do more to fight gun smuggling, and take a "lead role in international efforts to combat the illicit trade in small arms."

    Ottawa has not yet ratified the UN Firearms Protocol, which pledges to step up efforts to fight international gun-running.
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  5. But I thought that Canadians were better than Americans and didn't resort to violence, or even commit crimes.
  6. No, you didn't. It was probably just gas.
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  9. The last time I was in Toronto reading paper the Star was filled with assault articles. Every one of them seemed to be stabbings. Violence knows no borders.
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