Most expensive trading books?

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  1. Random question... What are some of the most expensive trading books that you own or have heard of? I don't plan to pay more than $40 for a book, but am interested to check them out to see how silly their holy-grail answer will be.

    On there are several books over $100. I think that is so because they are out of print and there is little supply.

    The Stock Trader: How I Make a Living Trading Stocks by Tony Oz ($200, 2000)

    Day Trading With Short Term Price Patterns and Opening Range Breakout by Toby Crabel ($666 :p , 1990)

    Street Smarts: High Probability Short-Term Trading Strategies by Laurence A. Connors ($115, 1996)

    List any expensive, preferably recent, books.
  2. The J L Lord books from They're $300-$400 each. The set of 4 is $999.
  3. Some of the best academic and professional minded publishers you'll find, typically charge in the 80-120 range. I guess they assume the clients can easily afford it. These days, fortunately, it's easy to shave off some of the retail cost.

    It's getting harder to find the books I like to read outside of academic bookstores.
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    I'd like to have it too! You have good taste! I've heard of this one from a few guys I do some work with. For some reason, no one seems to have a copy (price?:D )

    Maybe we should work out some kind of "honors-library system" where a few of us who are trusted enough to pass along the books, can do so and save $$$$?

    For $1,000, I hope it's a TREMENDOUS book, btw!
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    Cottles options book I recall was expensive and Joe Ross's books I think were all priced at $100 new (not worth a 1/10 of the price imo).
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    Seth Klarman's book Margin Of Safety goes for about $1k.
  7. There is an e version of Crabel's book no the net but it is very difficult to read.
  8. You can actually watch an archived seminar he did for CBOT/CME on volume/OI or you can check out Jason Alan Jancovsky free webinars, good guy, he does one on market structure sometimes which covers volume/OI.
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    I have an autographed copy of his technical analysis binder and this book also(took his class at the CME many years ago). Its a decent book on but just lays out what most of us know about volume and open interest that can now be found in many other books. I think that a bunch of sellers on amazon got together to fix the price because the book isn't worth more than $20. Infact I will list it on amazon this weekend.

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