Most expensive house in the world shrouded in mystery

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  2. I wonder whether the owner would ever sell it or whether he'd be able to sell it.
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    I doubt it unless Paris regains the crown from London as the top city in Europe or another Arab steps up. Nowadays nou·veau riche IE Russians, Chinese, Africans are favoring London.
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    It's a trophy property. He can sell it to some other decabillionaire.
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  5. True. It's a shame that such a house remains empty though.
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    According to the Youtube video, the owner is the Saudi Prince who's cracking down on corruption. He bought the mansion through bunch of dummy corporations so it's obvious the mansion is his money stash so nobody can turn around and accuse him of corruption. So don't think he will sell it anytime soon. And the house is really not empty. There are people who have been paid to live in there. I REALLY envy these people though. I would LOVE to live in that mansion and get paid to do so too! LOL
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    Before WW2 and Socialism the rich owners of luxury houses in the UK used to have whole weekend parties where there would be copious quantities of booze and exotic food.
    No need to mention the nightime activities .........
  8. I know, I watched the video.
    Those people are caretakers though, they can't really do anything with the house but maintain it.
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    Absolute monarchies are always in danger of being overthrown eg Mohammed Reza Shah of Iran, Gyanendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev of Nepal thus this could be an insurance policy, a Black Swan hedge so to speak and since royals travel with an entourage not just any old house will do...
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    Which is what we do anyway with our own houses everyday LOL except they get to live in a mansion.
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