Most Expensive Car Wrecks

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by TraderZones, Dec 31, 2009.

  1. I thought you were talking about the Obama admin for a sec.:D

    but you didnt say "most expensive train wrecks funded by taxpayers and China"....
  2. Some people have more dollars than sense. :cool:
  3. Its a little misleading. That article assumes that as soon as those cars crashed, they lost 100% of their value. Most of those cars only have some small body damage which probably wouldnt cost more than 10 or 20k to fix.

    A REAL expensive car wreck is one like this in canada where a guy sued a delivery company for an accident and got 17 million dollars. Now THATS an expensive car wreck and that was done in a honda civic.
  4. lol, there's no such thing as a $20k accident on a high-line exotic. a new wheel and tire on a veyron costs over $35k, the enzo's headlight assembly alone costs $7k and its bumper assembly is $19k for just the part. i have an exotic -- the normal rules of repair & maintenance costs do not apply.

    a $2k fender bender on a normal car would probably cost $40k on an enzo and most of those weren't fender benders.