Most difficult markets to manipulate

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  1. What are the most difficult markets to manipulate?

    I am tired of getting screwed by market makers at the NYSE and I am looking for better options. I am thinking maybe stock indexes and bonds would be the toughest to manipulate. I think FX is easily manipulated by big banks at least on an intraday basis. Small cap stocks are easily manipulated.

    Anyone got an opinion on this?
  2. ES between 9:30 - 11:30 is my preference. When the volume slows down the big boys come out to play but I dont think anyone can control the mornings.
  3. ET Definition of manipulate: "I can't make money trading this crap so they must be screwing me over, cause I'm a smartie"

    Everything is manipulated jack, get over it.

  4. Why do you use the word "manipulate"?

    All forms of market manipulation are illegal.
    And even if you don't have to succeed...
    ** Intent ** is what counts under the US system of law.

    Just because the securities business if full of sleazebags...
    Doesn't mean one cannot chose to make an honorable living at this game.


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  5. The electronic futures markets have no specialists/ MM's. Trade em when liquid, and you won't have enyone messing with you.
  6. i suggest traiding with less money -using larget margin..

    actually if u know how mm/specialists work and their inventory requirements, u can nicely screw them if u had a bit of money.. but i honestly don't believe manipulation is possible in exchanges too much- maybe for those on low margins it appears that way - they get fired quickly

    manipulation is most likely in gold and fx which r politically motivated anyways.
  7. That's right, there's no one messing with you in the futures markets.

    I find it hard to beleive some of you actually trade. Even as losing traders.
  8. yeah man, this place is loaded with bozo's and dimwitted a-holes. Actually man, I did a search of your posts and found what a lackey idiot you used to be. However, I have noticed you have come around lately, so congrats on seeing shit as it really is, not as the nitwits pretend it to be.
  9. Trades are matched via computers on the exchanges. Tell me how anyone is messing with you.

    BTW, I've been trading full time for 20 years. You?

  10. lol, shmuck, I defended that a**hole Kramer BEFORE he went off the deep end.

    Other than that , no post of mine has ever been anything but genius.

    Nice of you to do the research though.
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