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    what do you guys believe is the most consistent oscillator? CCI? Stochastics? RSI? or any other ones that I have not mentioned.

    RSI seems to work best for me.
  2. Lucrum


    A pendulum oscilates pretty well.

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    thanks for being constructive:)
  4. They are all good when price oscillates evenly.
    You need to have a word with price and ask it to behave.

  5. Regarding consistency, I haven't found one yet to outshine the others in all markets. Your bag of tricks must include various settings to one oscillator so you are prepared for multiple markets. If you choose to dilute your specialization by using different oscillators, you will not know any of them very well. Find one that works well for your system and keep it. Stay in when it is good and stay out when it doesn't produce what you expect. All else is experimentation.
  6. syspool


    Use Stoch and CCI - the best foreteller/directions predictor - with different settings to avoid trading whipsaws.

    Happy trading, Felix
  7. Ergodic - Smooth as a baby's butt and not range bound like the Stochastic, MACD or CCI.

    Price and ONE indicator to confirm price direction and relative strength.
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  8. MYOM


    Oscillators only work well when the market is ranging. When the market, stock, mutual fund is trending, all oscillators fail, which produce unprofitable whipsaws. When the market is trending a 21 period 9 period moving average works best.

    Learning to read price action will support your indicators and add confidence to your trades.

    Dan Clemons, author Manage Your Own Money
  9. Confirm what, it will go or it won't, indicator won't confirm you anything.

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    The price action in a related market, i.e. Es vs Dax or ES vs NQ, etc. leave a lot of clues and have zero lag. They oscillate too.
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