Most commonly used study indicator in futures market ?

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by Alexios, Oct 7, 2019.

  1. Alexios


    Which are the most commonly used study indicator in the future market?
  2. Overnight


    I do not think there are any that are future specific. Since futures are derivatives of an underlying, then whatever indicators you use for the underlying is what you would use for the future instrument.
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  4. Handle123


    I study with BRAIN.
  5. Overnight


    Is that video bait for me? You know I cannot resist.

  6. Alexios


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  7. maxinger


    best study indicator is INVISIBLE ( not invincible ) indicator.

    I spent months acquiring thousands of indicators.
    I learnt about those indicators from those hopeless trading coaches and books and internet.

    Unfortunately, I spent years to delete / destroy / eliminate / discard all those worthless useless nonsensical misleading garbage indicators.

    I am very happy that my chart is not contaminated with indicators.
    My chart is very simple with just blue and red candlesticks.
    My chart will never ever be contaminated.
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  8. qlai


    Looks like Market Profile (Auction theory) is very popular in Futures.
  9. Alexios


    Appreciate it, thank you.
  10. Alexios


    Ditto, this is also what I rely on -Japanese candlestick, usually base analysis with trend lines, pivot point, reversal patterns etc... only study that has proven effective for me is VWAP -only one I use; at any rate just wanted to see if anyone had good experiences with any other study indicator. Thank you for responding to the post
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