Most CEOs of companies are crooks

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  1. Currently on CNBC, companies like Countrywide Financial borrowed
    money to buy back shares in order to
    pump the stock price. In the mean time,
    CEOs are sell millionaires of shares.

    CEOs are ripping the companies off while
    leaving the mutual funds and others to
    hold the bag.

    Note: most mutual funds investors are middle-class working people.
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    This is done everday on the indexes.
  3. Lets get out their and go for a CEO position. Sounds like a great racket.
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    Ethics is a choice after all, unlike regulation

    all fair, as long as systems are worked(just like technicals) to advantage
  5. You need to change your name to ignorant investor. To make a blanket statement that MOST CEO's are crooks is just plain wrong.
  6. Where did you get those demographic from?

    Most CEO’s are crooks? There are 10’s of thousands of CEO’s how big was the sample size you used and what was the criteria?

    On the “Note: most mutual funds investors are middle-class working people.”

    Where did you get that info from? I’d love to see the demographic on that one too.

  7. Especially if you know the difference between the word their and there . . .

    :D :D :D
  8. Yea, but it has been going on for years. Yet, still nothing to regular it. Not only that, if they happened to get fired, they get exist compensation that worth more than if the board just let them act as the CEO until the end of their contract.
  9. Or if you're a union worker you'll get enough money to buy house, two cars and a boat for doing nothing but manual labor.

    Then if they want to buy you out, you'll get ten years compensation just to quit.

    Thats a good racket, too. No wonder it's run by the mob.
  10. Anyone ??? Bueller?
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