Most boring NFP day I've seen :(

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by FuturesTrader71, May 6, 2005.

  1. Jeez... what happened here? Is everyone on vacation?

    These are normally record days for me, but it felt more like I was trading pre-FOMC hours. May NFP last year was a record day for me and my group. Today... blaaaahhh.

    Anyone have similar sentiments? I'm bored.
  2. TGM


    You said it. Thank God I had the Euro futures and Bund up. They are moving down nicely. The stock indexes are dragging ass today.
  3. Dude... it is NFP and I have only traded 687 roundturns so far. That's less than what I do on a normal day. I watched the Euro all morning make low after low. I need to figure out something else to do, I guess.
  4. itr


    I am in total agreement. Look at the price bar overlap in these charts this morning. Wouldn't expect this on NFP morning.
  5. thats because market is just being propped up.. no real buying interest imo

    "They" just letting the market drip down and then pop it to make frustrated shorts cover...

    market not ALLOWED to go down

    They are dumping stocks huge while propping up the indexes.. I have no clue how this is possible.. but they are doing it...

    sell stocks, buy indexes

    also when futures volume drops out intraday = get long for free money
  6. Minetoo


    You gotta tell us, who are the members of this mysterious group called "they"?
  7. Wow. I just witnessed this exciting phenomenon. Just curious, why would this be?
  8. TGM,

    But the Euro Futures had its big move at 5AM PST. Unless you are up that early you wouldn't have been able to catch those moves. sucks. :( Oh well...
  9. NFC day, what does that mean?
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