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  1. i nominate as the most bizzare trading related site--(it's by a supposed ex futures trader) that is before the CIA got him. check it out !

  2. Im not an expert on remote viewing, but those that take it seriously say that you can't view the future because it hasn't happened yet.

    Remote viewing is the concept of seeing soming that is happening where you not. Like jumping on a plane to go to France without leaving your seat.

    You can't use it to see the future, so I think its fair to say this guy is a fraud.:cool:
  3. That's being generous.
  4. that's what happens when you eat too many wake up 2 weeks later and find yourself in the midst of an internet scam to pay the rent b/c you've been on a bender for 2 weeks and haven't been trading.

    "Our toll-free US & Canada order line (live operators on duty 24 hrs/ 7 days a week) is: 1-800-330-6982"

    I'll bet you $100 that if you call up at 3am you'll get that o'donnell guy himself...or if you call at 2pm...
  5. By mushrooms, do you mean peyote? There's no such thing as a bender on magic mushrooms. If you eat too many, you just "die" and then come back a few hours later. It is an experience, to say the least.

    I never tried peyote. The movie Young Guns was pretty educational in that regard.

    "Did you see the size of that chicken?"

    (while riding through an Indian camp)
    "Why ain't they killin us?"
    "Cause they can't see us. We're in the spirit world, asshole."

  6. thanks for the sites. werid werid stuff !! try this one on for size

    enjoy !

  7. God this is weird. I remember seeing this site several years ago, and just remembering this I performed a search on this site for "remote viewing" and this thread popped up. Very stange that this thread was just started a few days ago.
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