Most Bizarre Market

Discussion in 'Trading' started by adam772, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. adam772


    completely irrational and insane. the bullishness is almost like back in 2000 during the dot com era...

    stocks are up 5, 8, 15 points in the past week.

    there is no way this will hold. look for a correction, either late today/tomorrow.
  2. I'm hoping. I'm betting on a decent correction between now & friday. No way should this hold out, unless this is the inflation panic rally, then we go to 16000
  3. Mvic


    If this call doesn't work, come back in a month under a new alias and call another top! Fun times :D
  4. You better be throwing at least 50% of your net worth into this call.

  5. kxvid


    You might be onto something there. The CPI # was really high. Gold prices are very high. Bonds are moving higher. Not many safe places to put your money these days.