Most Awesome NFL Defense

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  1. So, was it the Purple People Eaters from Minnesota? Take a look at this:

    "On a separate topic, NFL history, I was looking at the best
    defense in the history of the modern game, the 1969-71
    Minnesota Vikings. Check this out.

    1969…12-2…133 points allowed…lost in SB IV to K.C.
    1970…12-2…143 points allowed…lost to San Fran 1st round
    1971…11-3…139 points allowed…lost to Dallas 1st round

    So they choked when it counted, but in 42 regular season games
    over those three years they gave up 9.9 points per contest.

    To refresh your memory as to who was on the defense, I turn to
    the NFL Encyclopedia and the 1970 roster.

    Bobby Bryant DB, Carl Eller DE, Wally Hilgenberg LB, Karl
    Kassulke DB, Paul Krause DB, Gary Larsen DT, Jim Marshall
    DE, Alan Page DT, Lonnie Warwick LB, Charlie West DB, Roy
    Winston LB.

    Eller, Larsen, Page and Marshall…what a front four.

    Anyway, I then looked at teams that have held opponents to
    under 200 points for a season since the advent of the 16-game
    schedule and there aren’t many.

    Since 1980, for example, only:

    1985…Chicago (15-1)…198 PA…won Super Bowl
    1986…Chicago (14-2)…187 PA…lost divisional playoff
    2000…Baltimore (12-4)…165 PA…won Super Bowl
    2000…Tennessee (13-3)…191 PA…Baltimore def. Tennessee
    2002…Tampa Bay (12-4)…196 PA…won Super Bowl

    That’s it…but it’s obviously a sign of success. This year, with
    four games to go, only Chicago has a shot at holding its
    opponents under 200 points for the season; the Bears currently
    having given up 150. [Baltimore is at 160, New England 165] "

    Taken from Brian Trumbore's fun website.

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