most awesome futures ever!!!!

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  1. easiest to read charts, most logical simple action, no sharing my market with 16 foreign countries, chart patterns that read like they were from 20 years ago, the market makers dont do 50 fakeouts in a row, bulkowski and zanger chart patterns actually work, margins are 1/2 price of ES, same payoff as the ES with more movement, I found my calling WOO HOO!

    just dont hold the contract for too long or you will be taking delivery of 5000 bushels of ??

    I cant tell you what it is or it will get jinxed (agro futures) and YOU have to read the charts there are only like 10 of these kinds of futures so the list isnt that big.

    short ideas:
    MU hasn't tanked yet
    WM and WB look like they have more downside but dont touch any of these if the bear market rally isnt over yet, or until the bear market rally ends. I dont do stocks you can have these.

    I think this is my post number 4 so go ahead and be ruthless and condescending with the responses
  2. Your point is mate?
  3. mm's on the ES and the NQ intentionally take out every sell stop then run in the other direction fake out every 3 minutes flat trading days 4 days a week truly wicked market makers

    the point? I think I found an easier game.

  4. You sure you are watching the same markets the rest of us are the ES has been doing 20-30 handles a day I think you are a wind up merchant
  5. You have found a trending market. Congratulations, and there are no market makers, only participants.

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    What market is this. Thanks
  7. If this is the action you have witnessed and I cannot say I disagree then why don't you play in the same team. Nothing preventing you from doing so.

    Oh and for what is worth, there are no MMs in futures :)

  8. it is either Corn, Wheat or Soybeans...
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